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Green City Force

Champions of Change

Green City Force is a dynamic non-profit organization that helps young adults in New York City develop valuable job skills and gain experience in the clean energy economy. Corps members learn to perform energy efficiency renovations and to motivate their own communities into action. The group is led by Lisbeth Shepherd (herself an endless source of renewable energy). GCF has been celebrated by the Clinton Global Initiative, named “Most Innovative Nonprofit in New York” by Mayor Bloomberg, and celebrated as a “Champion of Change” by President Obama.

Celery’s logo for Green City Force depicts typographic building forms rising from a cityscape. We also provided design for the group’s successful “Love Where You Live” campaign, which cut electricity use in one public housing building by an astounding 20%!

​Each cohort gets involved in the local community with activities like planting ubran gardens, painting reflective rooftops, and performing home health, safety and energy inspections.