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Green Graphic Design

Design is an avocado

Celery co-founder Brian Dougherty was approached in 2007 about writing a book to share some of the leasons learned during Celery's first ten years of trailblazing work at the intersection of design and sustainable business. The result was published in January 2009 by Allworth Press. Green Graphic Design helps to reframes the way designers can think about the work they create.

The large avocado on the cover references a metaphor used to describe the multiple layers of sustainable design. The avocado's skin represents the physical materials and manufacturing processes we use, which are immediately apparent. The tender fruit inside represents the messages graphic designers craft and deliver to audiences. The seed represents the central aim of design, which is to change the world for the better. The book challenges graphic designers to expressly design for positive change.

Green Graphic Design offers assistance at all phases of the design process, from high level systems thinking and conceptual strategies to concrete production-oriented tools that designers can use. The book focuses on designers' power to communicate, persuade, and ultimately spread socially and ecologically responsible behavior change to consumers and corporations. Though it was written primarily for the professional designers, it is frequently used in design schools as an introduction to sustainable design. The book has also been translated into Portuguese and Italian, and reissued as an e-book. Learn more at and on Facebook.

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